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Rustic Cottage -

The garden of Chris and Rob

  We have been here at Rustic Cottage for 11 years, and a lot has changed since we took over from the previous owners, with the addition of many new garden beds, ponds, and garden rooms. The main area of the garden is planted around several Golden Elm trees, a Desert Ash, and several other deciduous trees.

  There are several types of hedges that we have used to help create our garden rooms. Most of the under plantings within the garden are perennials interspersed with annuals, roses, daphne, and salvias as well as many potted plants which we use to fill in the spaces or when plants are finished for the season.

  The garden that surrounds our firepit is a great place to keep warm during the winter months and excellent to enjoy the shade of the rapidly growing silk trees in the warmer months.

  We have experienced many successes within the garden and of course several failures. We are continually learning and experimenting with plantings and positions. If something doesn’t work in one area, we will move it around to find a more suitable place or create a new home for it.

  As the garden continues to grow and develop, we are always looking for new plants and new ideas that we have not used before. A work in progress is an Asian inspired garden, sourcing and using plants that suit our cool climate conditions. We have found the nurseries in the Bathurst, Blayney and Orange areas sources of great inspiration and help for our planting needs.

  We enjoy our garden as it keeps us sane from the effects of the working week, so feel free to drop by and have a look, if you have the time during the Newbridge Spring Festival.


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