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1176 Three Brothers Road,

            Hobby’s Yards


The property “Ramsay” was purchased in 2002 by the Hook family.

It consisted of 100 acres of open grazing country with very little native or introduced vegetation. Infrastructure consisted of a three bedroom house and large shed where water tank construction was undertaken.

Over the next 21 years the property has been reduced in size to 30 acres and converted into  a wild life sanctuary. Approximately half the land area has been re planted with local native species and the natural water way which is the head waters of Coombing  creek has been enhanced by a large dam and the exclusion of stock to allow the regrowth of native grasses and sedges.

Native and Cottage gardens have been established around the residence with annual displays of bulbs and plantings. A small orchid has been established which include a variety of fruit and hazelnut trees.

Since undertaking the re establishment of natural bush land we have seen numerous bird species return and a variety of wildlife including Wombats, Echidnas, Koalas, Wallabies, Snakes and Lizards. It is our intention to keep planting native vegetation until the whole 30 acres is re established. Most of the plantings have been grown from seed collected in the local area.

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